Peace and love in Christ to all!

If won’t be long that the 2018 HOLD USA National Conference is upon us.  Your help is greatly needed to campaign and appeal to solicit ads for our Souvenir Program.

We will witness once more His powerful and mighty love and healing during a special gathering of our sisters across the nation.

We would appreciate your help and may the Lord shower His graces upon your generous hearts.

Click here for the Souvenir Program Ad form including Suggested Greetings/Messages.

Be blessed always,

Souvenir Program Committee


We praise and thank our most loving God for the opportunity to host the 2018 CFC HOLD USA CONFERENCE!

We invite all our HANDMAIDS from across the nation to come and experience a glorious weekend with the Lord in all His Majesty and Splendor.  This is also a chance for you to visit and enjoy Chicago, home to many world renowned tourist attractions.

Welcome to the “Windy City”… don’t forget to try our famous deep-dished pizza, Chicago-style hotdog, Italian beef and many more.

Click here for the Registration Page.