Conference Prayer

Our most loving, gracious and merciful Father,
we come before you truly in awe of Your great love for us.
You have given us the most precious gift of Your Son Jesus Christ,
that we may live and gain eternal life.
You have also blessed us with our families and have brought into our lives
the gift of our community, Couples for Christ and all its ministries,
especially the Handmaids of the Lord, whom you have handpicked as Your instruments to
witness to all people Your great love and mercy.
Lord, we praise and thank You for the bountiful graces
You continue to generously pour upon us each day!

We come before You now to seek your guidance, wisdom and the gifts of the Holy Spirit
as we prepare for our upcoming CFC HOLD National Conference.
We know we are unable to do much by our self.
We fully rely upon Your grace and strength in everything that we do.
We ask that You direct and guide every plan and decision that we make.
Protect us from the attacks of the evil one and remove all obstacles
that will hinder the full release of Your Holy Spirit in us. 

Dear Lord, we whole-heartedly offer to You this conference and the work of our hands,
as we seek to follow Your ways and to do Your will.
Create in us a pure and clean heart.
Grant us humility and courage during times of challenges and difficulties.
We pray for Chicago’s service and production teams, our speakers, sharers and presenters,
that You shower upon them Your gifts of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration.
We pray for much greater number of HOLD delegation to this conference.
We lift up to You ourselves and all the attendees, to prepare our hearts and minds
that we may be able to listen and hear Your voice through the talks that will be given.
Continue to transform and renew us Lord Jesus, that we may love You ever more each day.
Grant us the longing to joyfully, boldly and passionately serve You all the days of our life.

 Mother Mary, model Handmaid of the Lord, intercede for us.
May we set aside our time and resources to attend the CFC Hold Conference
and partake of Christ’s miracle at this event.

 Mother Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces and Star of Evangelization, pray for us.

 Our Father . . . Hail Mary . . . Glory Be . . . Amen.